Wellness for Families!

Well-Being Sessions for your child, family, and you!

Taking the time to enjoy and receive the greatest gift... self care!


Why is self care the greatest gift? When you feel your best, so does your child, and family. Take back your balance, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit! The possibilities are endless and waiting for you! 


Well-Being Options


Private Sessions

1 hour - $60.00

1.5 hours - $75.00

2 hours - $90.00


Individual, Partner, Parent/Child, Groups

Small adult groups of 5 or less - Semi private (price breaks)

Small Kids groups of 5 or less - Semi private (price breaks)

Family and small family groups of 3 or less - Semi private (price breaks)


Private sessions can include yoga, meditation, music, stories, mindfulness based activities, moving meditations, and any session can be customized and modified to meet the specific needs of the individual or group.


Private family sessions include up to 5 individuals. For more than one family, please call 215-275-5594 or contact us for special group pricing and discounts.


Family Meditation Consultations

This is a great way to introduce meditation to yourself and your family. Family Meditation Consultations get you started on the road to a healthier way of being in the world. It’s a one-time consultation, and you can always call upon us as needed. Call 215-275-5594 or contact us for more information.


Inner Fire Yoga

This yoga practice is a beginners level and is based on traditional hatha yoga asanas. You will be guided through a series of postures to fire up and arouse a sense of well being while gaining strength and flexibility in the mind/body connection.



Meditation practices are based on the Anapanasati Sutta, the basic teachings of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. You will be guided and led through a sitting practice, followed by some light stretching and a Dharma talk, which is a discourse based on a Buddhist topic. This is a discipline in cultivating present moment awareness - being here now and embracing life as it is moment by moment. Be ready to be focused and alert while at the same time, calm and relaxed - a supreme recipe for success!


Moving Meditation

Life is busy, and we are constantly on the move. Learning how to meditate in motion is a great way to practice going deep into each moment of your day. There are many different forms of moving meditation. We will focus specifically on these few: 


  • Walking Meditation,

  • Hand Mudra Meditation, and

  • Dancing Meditation.


Bhakti Yoga/Kirtan

This is a favorite! Bhaki Yoga is the path of devotional love, and Kirtan is a genre of music that originated in India where singing and chanting is a practice of devotional love. These beautiful practices promote healing, celebration of life, and blissful union with the divine and all of creation. You will be guided in chants that foster a connection with certain aspects of your true nature that will help shift you into a space of receptivity and an awakened state of love and and zest for life.


Based on your specific wants and needs, we can customize your session with anyone of these amazing forms of practice for your health and wellbeing to compliment, sharpen, and enhance your experience.


  • Chanting

  • Breathwork

  • Moving Meditation

  • Hand Mudra Meditation

  • Yoga Asanas

  • Journaling

  • Drumming

About Your Instructor/facilitator 


Yoga, Meditation, and Kirtan practices led by Tammy Keorkunian, MA, BA, RYT, CCYT, E-CMT, certified children’s music and movement teacher, children’s/grown-up yoga instructor and Won Institute Graduate of Applied Meditation Studies, is the founder and director of Children’s Music Express® and has been teaching parent/child, preschool, and family classes since 1999. Read More...

Children's Music Express Mindful Mama
Children's Music Express Mindful Mama
Children's Music Express Mindful Family

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