What's the Buzz?!

“Children’s Music Express is intimate, real, original, enriching; a true immersion into the arts and music appreciation - a unique, personal experience. It is organic and genuine. It’s not cookie cutter. It’s unlike anything else. It’s pure magic, and the smiles on my children’s faces say it all.”


~ Amy Blum, Elkins Park, Pa 

“We really loved Tammy’s class! We believe that Isa's initial introduction to music and movement has helped us discover at an early age her passion for movement and music. Also, it was a wonderful experience for us to bond with our daughter and meet new parents in the community. Almost ten years later, Isa continues to dance, sing, and perform on stage.”


~ Wendy J. Schwartz, Glenside, PA

“Tammy came to our facility to train six of our therapists in music and yoga in order to implement these methods into our daily therapy sessions. She has a very calming presence overall and made us feel at ease with the yoga poses (especially those who are not familiar with them!) She gave us wonderful strategies to work with our patients and adapted the class to fit the needs of our department. We were able to see her “in action” when we brought some of the children in for our training and implementation class. We know that through this training, we will have many tools and strategies to use for both our groups and individual sessions.”


~ Holy Redeemer Hospital, 

Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Huntingdon Valley, PA

“After taking the Children's Music and Movement Teacher Training, I've been using the music and educations hints to lead preschool children in music and movement during summer camp.  Everyone's having so much fun!  Every lesson plan I write applies Tammy's principles, and I incorporate many of the suggestions and ideas.  There's no question that the training from Children's Music Express was valuable ... and it was also a value because I carry over so much directly to classes.  Children's Music Express enhances the preschool music and movement experience for all my students.”


~Donna Hendel, www.DancinDonna.info

“My daughter is 3 years old and took Tammy's class since she was 1. She liked the live music from Tammy and enjoyed the other kids in the class, but only for a short while before she would want to leave. As we kept coming back and listening to the cd's (every single second) in the car, my daughter grew to love music and developed a great appreciation for playing musical instruments. She soon couldn't wait to see Tammy and sing and dance! She knew every word to all the songs and NEVER wanted class to end! 


I truly believe this would not have been possible had we not taken Tammy's class. I love the fact that she plays guitar, sings, dances and is constantly trying to hold the children's attention thru her music. I also watched her perform at birthday parties and she is always such a light and energetic spirit! You can really see that she loves what she does because it shows in her performance and how she interacts with the kids. We had such a wonderful experience with Tammy and I would highly recommend her class!”


~ Karin Pitcairn, Elkins Park, PA

"I just wanted to thank you again. You really made Belle's first birthday party fun and memorable. Everyone was so impressed. Most importantly, the kids had an amazing time!"


~ Kristin Berk, Perkasie, PA

“Tammy, and the Children’s Music Express have been integral to our older daughter’s development since she was six months old. Through listening to Tammy’s songs in class and on CD, she learned her first words, how to carry a tune, and how to make music.  Now, at four years old, she is delighted to learn about yoga with Tammy.  Our younger daughter, now thirteen months, has started Tammy’s class and is quickly becoming a huge Tammy fan.”


~ Jen Goldberg, Elkins Park, PA

I took Tammy Keorkunian’s music classes for 7 years. She is a fabulous music teacher.  I first started taking classes when my son was about 10 months old.  At the time, she was working for Little Peoples Music. She co- taught with another teacher.  They were both good, but there was something special about Tammy.  She has a special talent working with families.  Anyone can be educated on how to teach music to young children.  It takes a special person to carry out that process to the point where children are free to be themselves.  A few weeks into the class and all of the children want to sit on Tammy's lap.  They all want to be first for the horsey rides she gives.


When Tammy started her own business, Children’s Music Express, she was able to be more expressive in her teaching style.  She would talk with the parents about the different ways that the children learn music and their individual  ways of enjoying it.  She was open to parents thoughts and opinions about the class.  We even started to do Yoga with the children.  Tammy is just amazing.


My children both looked forward to taking music class with Tammy, so did I.  As a parent it was nice to watch my children get so much joy and happiness while learning music and rhythm in a 45 minute class.  My daughter started taking Tammy's music classes in utero.  She is quite the little singer and dancer.  I attribute much of that to Tammy and her music class.  I used to feel her move in utero when I was in class with my son.  Unfortunately, when she was three, I couldn't keep her in class because of my work schedule.  It has been half of a school year, and she still asks me when are we going to go to music class with Tammy again. She misses Tammy, as well as the class.”


~ Adrienne Wielgoszinski, Philadelphia, PA