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Montgomery County Moms

February 19, 2015

Hop On Board the Children's Music Express!

By Emily Kline

Disclosure: My children and I were invited to attend two complimentary ‘Music Monkeys’ music classes. All opinions are 100% my own.  You know how some people just radiate goodness? Tammy Keorkunian, founder of Children’s Music Express, is one of those people. With a gorgeous voice and a smile to match, Tammy has created a wonderful world of […]

Parents Express

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Camps Support Learning with Fun this Summer

Paula M. Riley

For most school-aged children, summertime is an opportunity for endless hours of fun and play. Whether in their yards, at the shore or in camp, children long for the freedom of open schedules and hours of play. Parents and teachers generally encourage this behavior, but also hope that some time is allotted for children to challenge their minds and spirits as well...


Chestnut Hill Local

Children’s Music Program Combines Music, Yoga, and Meditation

Paula M. Riley 


Healing comes in all different forms. Tammy Keorkunian, founder/director of Children’s Music Express, ( found this comfort in music, yoga, and meditation. 


A child born to a homeless family, Keorkunian spent her first five years of life never knowing where she would be sleeping or eating...

Metro Kids
Why Start Music Classes Early?

​Abbey Lee Nash 

In music class, preschoolers sing, dance and pretend to buzz like bees and jump like monkeys. But research shows that early childhood music class is more than a fun-filled hour spent with egg shakers and colorful scarves...