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3 Musical Activities to Build Social Skills

I hear from parents all of the time how important it is for their child to gain socialization skills. If you are like any of these parents too, I have three great musical activities to help your child build their social skills. Let's face it, true success in the world is built on healthy and successful relationships, not just a high IQ. While academics are important, they may only get us so far. Without having a strong foundation in our ability to nurture relationships and make meaningful connections, we can potentially miss out on powerful opportunities in the world. Music is a natural promotor of building meaningful bonds with others and healthy, creative collaboration. Try these three playful activities to give your child more opportunity to build healthy social skills.

  1. Synchronized movements: On your next playdate, facilitate this musical activity with your child and their friend or friends. Play music that you know will engage your child. Pick 5 movements to move through during this song and act them out. Your child and friends will attempt to model you. Do at least 2-3 rounds of each movement to give the children the opportunity to master the moves too. This establishes synchronized movements, which promotes shared intentions and a "we" attitude, rather than a "me" attitude.

  2. Group music classes: Engage in a group music class, as this will give children the opportunity for greater spontaneous cooperation. For children who are just learning how to share, parents and caregivers can model spontaneous cooperation with other parents and children in the group for their child to witness and observe.

  3. B-I-N-G-O! You know the song, right?! This type of song where we leave out a phrase helps children with impulse control, which is an important skill to develop in regard to relationships. We learn to respond to others' who may challenge us, rather than react.

I hope these three suggestions will serve your little one's highest potential in developing their social skills in a musical and fun way. Please let us know how it goes? We love to hear from our amazing families and friends! Peace, love & music,

Miss Tammy & Children's Music Express Team


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