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5 ways to nurture your child's musical curiosities

5 ways to nurture your child's musical curiosities:

  1. Create an iTunes or Spotify playlist with musical diversity, i.e. various cultures, genres and styles of music. You can download our full albums or single songs here too.

  2. Take your little one to a local symphony, opera, musical, or concert.

  3. Make music a regular part of your routine, whether at home or in a weekly music class for kids!

  4. Put some classical music on and dance with your little one or have it playing in the background during their independent play.

  5. Create a musical corner in your home with pictures of musical notes and famous composers, some basic instruments, like egg shakers, tambourines, rain sticks, scarves for dancing, and CD player or Bluetooth speaker where they can pick the music they want to listen, dance or play along to.

These are just a few fun ideas sure to give you and your little love musical experiences that are enriching, fun and create meaningful memories! To learn more about the benefits of music in early childhood, click here.

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