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Raining and Pouring? Help Your Kids Break Free From Boring!

A nap on a rainy day is a great way to relax and recharge, but if your kids aren’t doing anything except zoning out to Minecraft it’s time to create a few more options. And since you have access to the Internet, the options are, well, limitless!

Spark creativity

Grab a pencil and art pad, bad weather days are the perfect time to get creative! From online drawing lessons to YouTube videos on the history of the world’s most famous artwork, there’s plenty of media to jog their cerebral cortex. In fact, according to Smithsonian, the brain actually does respond to art in a unique way. By letting your children flex the muscles of their imagination, you’ll give their brain a workout and have lots of fridge-worthy keepsakes. And while they’re at work you can plan out the ultimate kids’ workspace for your next rainy day.

Get down with science

If you grew up in the ‘80s, you might remember filling your Saturday mornings with cartoons and Lucky Charms. But you’ll also remember Mr. Wizard. We had the chance to learn science from our living room and follow along as the scientist’s eponymous show walked us through everything from the power of magnets to how Styrofoam is made. Our kids have the same opportunity but can also print out instructions on DIY science experiments, a luxury we could only have dreamed of. For example, you can turn your kitchen into a science lab, and your little mad scientists could make their own glass of lava with just a few household items. You can explain the teachable moment after the experiment.

Where words fail…

Music speaks. It speaks to us heart and soul. Even babies respond to music in ways we can’t fully understand. If you really want your children to do something productive and brain-boosting on downcast days, let them pick up an instrument. Younger kids might like the trippy sounds of the pan drum or the simplicity of the classic recorder. Teens and tweens can handle larger instruments, such as the trumpet, which will also open doors to social (and academic) opportunities. These wind instruments can get pricey so check prices online before you head down to your local music store. You can find music lessons online if you don’t want to venture out into the rain.

Express yourself

Break out the ballet shoes, it’s time to get moving. Dancing is a fun and function activity that doubles as a great workout for your entire family. It can burn calories, improve memory and strengthen your children’s muscle coordination. Physical self-expression is also a great way to mentally break away from the rain and clouds, which can cause a bad mood. CNN notes that music provides a mental escape; the rhythmic movements required tell the brain to drop endorphins, the “feel good” chemical often associated with exercise.

Fit and fab

Speaking of exercise, a YouTube search won’t disappoint you if dance isn’t your family’s forte. There are thousands of exercise videos for kids floating around the net. Your kids can sweat to the oldies or hone their hip-hop skills with the click of a mouse.

Language learners

Oui, oiu, you can learn a new language online and without dropping dollars (or euros). Fluenta’s list of 52 free sites for learning a new language is a great place to start. Why learn to speak in a different tongue? Simple: It’s good for the brain and can open doors to employment opportunities later down the road. Kids who are bilingual have an easier time learning new languages as adults and score better on tests now. As an added bonus, traveling to a new country is that much cooler if your kids already know how to order their favorite meal. This article delves deeper into the subject.

You don’t have to wait for bad weather to let your children explore these activities. As long as you keep the Wi-Fi connected, they have an unlimited library of lessons to learn. Lessons that will keep their minds engaged and lay the foundation for a successful future.

Jenny Wise


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