• Jenny Wise

Raining and Pouring? Help Your Kids Break Free From Boring!

A nap on a rainy day is a great way to relax and recharge, but if your kids aren’t doing anything except zoning out to Minecraft it’s time to create a few more options. And since you have access to the Internet, the options are, well, limitless!

Spark creativity

Grab a pencil and art pad, bad weather days are the perfect time to get creative! From online drawing lessons to YouTube videos on the history of the world’s most famous artwork, there’s plenty of media to jog their cerebral cortex. In fact, according to Smithsonian, the brain actually does respond to art in a unique way. By letting your children flex the muscles of their imagination, you’ll give their brain a workout and have lots of fridge-worthy keepsakes. And while they’re at work you can plan out the ultimate kids’ workspace for your next rainy day.

Get down with science

If you grew up in the ‘80s, you might remember filling your Saturday mornings with cartoons and Lucky Charms. But you’ll also remember Mr. Wizard. We had the chance to learn science from our living room and follow along as the scientist’s eponymous show walked us through everything from the