• Tammy Keorkunian

Follow the Breath

Mindfulness is a practice that helps us develop our awareness in mind, body and heart. One of the ways to do this practice is to focus our attention in concentration on one object at a time. Usually, this object is the breath. In doing so, we begin to develop awareness of our current state of mind, feelings that arise, how we are feeling in our body, and through our senses. This also helps us develop the part of our brain to take a pause before we react out of excitement, fear, frustration, etc. A mindfulness practice with your little one can be simple, peaceful, very beneficial and effective! Your mindfulness challenge: Follow the Breath

You know that precious moment when your little one is curled up in your arms, maybe sleeping, or simply resting peacefully? Well, in this moment, bring your focus to your breath, let your breathing be natural and notice your belly and chest rise and fall, while your little one rests in the ebb and flow of your breath. Anytime you notice your mind wandering to the to-do-lists, simply come back to your breath. Your mind will wander again and again, but just keep coming back to your breath. The more you do this mindful breathing practice with your little one on your lap or nestled in your arms, the more you train your mind. Don't worry! You will not forget your to-do-lists! I promise, but what you and your child will gain is equanimity. I hope this practice brings you both much inner peace and joy.

To learn more, join us in a music, movement and mindfulness class or visit our partner program, The Mindful Experience for Children.


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