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A Mama Share's about Her Make-up Class in Chestnut Hill

Hope you, and your little love are adjusting well to the time change! I'm excited about longer, sunshiny days and our upcoming spring session! Speaking of... I've shared in recent email correspondence about how and why continuing in the class you've been attending supports your child's musical, social and physical development. One mama's awareness brought this to her attention when she recently did her make-up classes in Chestnut Hill pa, as well as how different these classes were from the class day and time she normally attends. She couldn't help but notice that the parents and children had a lot of energy and were singing and dancing in full force! I shared with her how each class has it's own energy and dynamic, some with more energy, and other classes have a more chill, calmer vibe. With curiosity, she mentioned it to a friend who felt that Chestnut Hill may perhaps be a more "spirited" area. What do you think? I can say that each class and area has it's own energy. Interesting, right? The truth is that the more a parent participates and is engaged, the more their child and/or children are engaged. With that being said, this mama also noticed how shy and reserved her daughter was when she was not in her normal, weekly scheduled class. While getting your make-up class in is important so that your child gets their full session of classes and experiences, it is also important to stay as consistent as possible when registering for your next session. If you can stay in the class you have been attending, you will see great results in your child's development musically, socially, and physically. Children learn through play and repetition... lots of repetition, including structured and consistent schedules. The more they are familiar, the more they are engaged and plugged in, and after 17 years of teaching, this has never failed to be so true. Of course, fret not if you have to change your class day and time. Children are resilient, and it's like riding a bike. Keep in mind, it may take a few weeks to readjust to the new faces and spaces. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to you, and your little love continuing their musical journey into the new season! For our new readers, please click here for more class and program information for mommy and me music classes in chestnut hill pa, Abington pa and Southampton pa!

Have a happy and joyful spring 2016!

Peace, love & music,

Miss Tammy

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