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Music & Life Success

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Hello Children's Musical Advocates, Families and friends!

I came across this study and amazing finding on the impact music has on the brain, and therefore, "closing the gap between low- income and affluent students." I will include the link so that you can read the article in full.

I can definitely relate to this, because I was a child at risk. I fell through the cracks. By the time I attempted community college, I was at an 8th grade level of reading. I had no musical training in elementary, junior, or high school. I wanted to but was under the impression that I wasn't smart enough to take music lessons or anything in the arts for that matter, when in fact, those were my passions and my learning style.

Shortly after enrolling in college, I began learning to play the guitar and sing, as well as pick up hand drumming. I noticed that after several years, it absolutely made a change on my brain, and I was 20 years old when I started. I felt I could comprehend things better and make connections with learning new things and even seeing things in a different way, a more open and expansive way. I went on to complete my BA degree, became trained in early childhood music education, went on to receive my MA in Applied Meditation Studies (another amazing brain changer). I am now the founder and owner of Children's Music Express, but most importantly a children's advocate for music, yoga, and meditation at homes, parent/child group settings and in schools. I am grateful for having discovered that I am musical and talented and that I was brave enough to take a chance on me when no one else did. I am passionate about making sure all children have music in their lives and educationg parents and caregivers on how to support and nuture this process.

Life is certainly a journey, and I don't think that I would be entrenched in the success that I feel today if it weren't for music in my life. The fun part is that it keeps getting better. Even in the midst of chaos, music soothes me and helps me to maintain my focus through difficult times, as does yoga and meditation. When you get a moment, check out this article by clicking here. It's a short article that will go a long way with your child's and your musical pursuits. To find out more about our programs and services, visit us today at www.childrensmusicexpress.com.

May music bring you joy in someway today!

Peace, love, and music,

Miss Tammy

Photo by Melissa Hassey at www.melissahassey.com

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