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Private Music Lessons & Creative Kids Music Classes for all ages!

Children's Music Express is proud to recommend, Nook Nook Music School as the place to go for private and group lessons and classes for all ages!


About Nook Nook Music School...


We make learning to play music fun, easy, and creative!


Any age, level, ability, and interest!

At Nook Nook Creative Music School, we genuinely believe that, with the right program and teachers, anyone can play music. Our goal is to fulfill that belief and help your child experience a life-long love of music!

Our hope is that your child will experience confidence and success in our programs along with the ability to explore their creativity like they have never imagined!

We’re not just a small music school in Doylestown, but a movement to fulfill the need for creativity in our society for the young, old, and in-between!


Build Confidence / Have Fun / Be Creative


At Nook Nook Creative Music School in Doylestown your child doesn’t merely copy music made by other people. They are encouraged to think like creative individuals and leaders, to be themselves, and to create their own unique music.
As one mother put it, “It’s like an art class, but with music and sound!”

Kids are closest to their true personal creative selves when they are playing. We help guide them with playful activities like music games designed for creative exploration, performances of their own songs and music they love, and learning sessions about how music works.

Let us know what kind of lessons you’d like, or leave it up to us! Anywhere from a strict traditional method all the way to a super creative imagination-based approach or anything in-between!

What’s offered:

  • Instrument lessons


Private and group...


Piano / Guitar / Voice / Ukulele / Bass

  • Band (ages 4-7)


Group only

  • Kids Creative Music Class


Group only

  • Deep Music: Advanced music lessons for teens & adults


Private only. Study composition, arranging, music theory, instrumentation, ect.

  • Drink & Jam.


Group only. 21+ BYOB. Guitar beginners. Learn guitar in a fun social setting!



At Nook Nook Music we genuinely believe that anyone can play music. Music is part of our daily lives. Our methods of teaching are highly accessible to all kinds of people. The lessons and experiences learned from taking music lessons are significant and have a huge positive impact on our students’ lives.


Students will gain confidence and a true sense of accomplishment and success. As well as the ability to take control of their adventurous imaginations! Come and experience music at Nook Nook Music School!

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Nook Nook Music School was created by Marcus Staniec in Tokyo, Japan in 2013.


Growing up in Bucks County, PA Marcus has been a professional musician/composer/teacher since the 90s.

He believes that education and music go together and therefore set out to become not only an accomplished composer and musician but an amazing educator as well.

He started teaching music and guitar as a high school student. Something he quickly found that he had a gift for and has continued to do ever since.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, he moved to Tokyo where he worked as a composer for film and television. His ultimate goal was to open a small school that focused on music and other creative activities. Understanding the lack of imagination in local schools he wanted a place where creative activity was encouraged and taken seriously. Since then we have taught at universities, private schools, and various workshops around the world. Honing his skills as a teacher and musician. All while performing internationally, starting online communities that focus on “unconventional” methods of music, and even as a YouTuber for music education. He has also been volunteering as a music educator and mentors to underprivileged children in various countries, mainly in Indonesia.

Finally, he opened Nook Nook Tokyo in 2013. What was originally an attempt to start a small humble school in Tokyo grew into something much bigger! Not only a school but a hub for creative and innovative ideas and activities for all kinds of people of all ages. And since then he has focused most of his time teaching at Nook Nook and perfecting his award-winning methods of bringing the wonder of creativity to music education, and most importantly in helping people find their own unique voices.

Recently Marcus decided that he wanted to open yet another school. The possibilities were endless. He knew he could open one anywhere in the world. Finally, it was decided to go back to his roots and open the next Nook Nook Music School in his hometown in Bucks County!

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