Children's Music Express

Mission and Philosophy 



Our Mission


To inspire and nurture the bright light in your child and children all around the world through music, movement, and mindfulness-based activities. 

Our Program

Children’s Music Express is a parent and child program offering interactive music, movement, and mindfulness classes for children, birth-5 years! Our motto is, Sing to the tune of your heart's song™️. ❤️ Kids and families love our engaging and fun, groovy sing-a-longs, creative movement and dancing activities, exploring with sound, pitch and rhythm, chanting, finger plays, instrument play, mindfulness practices, and so much more!! Young children learn best through play, repetition, structure and the freedom to be expressive in the moment. Our environment is the perfect balance of structure and free flow play, so parents and their little ones can soak up all of the benefits and learning with ease and joy!

Our Philosophy


After years of innovative studies and research by experts and through experience, we now know that all children are born musical. When children are exposed to early musical enrichment opportunities, it helps them to stay connected to this innate gift, as well as develop it into a strong foundation for life. A parent's participation is an important part of this process. It supports and enhances their child's ability to cultivate the skills being developed in an early childhood music, movement and mindfulness class.


Children's Music Express offers an innovative curriculum that has a proven history in the development of many practicing musicians. While we preserve what works best, we are innovators, movers and shakers. Our early childhood music, movement, and mindfulness program is one-of-a kind, with 20+ years experience, and influences from the top early childhood music and movement and kids' yoga and mindfulness advocates in the nation. 


Our music and movement program is designed to nurture your child's innate musical abilities and development in a safe, fun and supportive environment so that they may continue to be musical, creative, and expressive as they journey through life. Click here to learn more about the benefits music has in your child's life. 


With a twist of yoga and mindfulness based activities designed to engage your child in learning to do and love practices that bring an overall sense of balance and wellbeing to their life. Click here to learn more about the benefits yoga and mindfulness has in your child's life.


The key is early exposure, parent involvement, a regular schedule or practice and participation. All of these ingredients are essential for your child's growth in music and movement, and/or yoga and mindfulness.


Our music, movement and mindfulness program is intended for children to begin as early as birth and continue through age five. If you haven't started your child at birth, not to worry! It's never too late to begin.