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Parent & Child Classes 

Our parent and child classes encourage, inspire, and engage parents, caregivers, and their children in a musical, movement and mindfulness experience together. This fosters a deeper bond with each other, new friendships, and positive connections. Through the encouragement of a proactive and positive role modeling, such as a parent or caregiver, the joy of learning is more easily integrated, experienced and expressed. In any one of our classes, children are free to embrace their unique gifts, talents, and love for music, movement and mindfulness. Parents are an important part of Children's Music Express program. When you enter your child's wonderful world of imagination, you give them permission to find their passion with confidence and joy! Together, you and your child will explore and learn musical and life skills that promote healthy minds, bodies, and hearts!


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Programs & Classes for Schools, Libraries, Yoga Studios, & Community Outreach


Music & Movement - This is our signature program and is suitable for children, ages infant - 5. Children will have fun exploring and experiencing the wonderful world of music and movement. We will go on a musical adventure through singing, chanting, sounding out tonal and rhythm patterns, finger plays, large and small movement activities, dancing, marching, and instrument play! Together, families/caregivers and children will discover various styles and genres of music, as well as their own unique gifts and talents. Embrace yourself for a fun, educational and musical experience.


Yoga/Music Fusion - This program is tailored to accommodate caregivers and their little 3-5 year old yoginis and musinis. Families will experience and learn the magic of yoga and mindfulness through the wonderful world of music and movement. Imagine living as a yogi in a musical! We’ll learn songs, dances, movements, play instruments, yoga postures, breathing techniques, brain gym activities, read stories, and much more! Learn basic skills in music while developing strength and flexibility in mind and body.


Yoga & Mindfulness - Our Yoga and Mindfulness Program tailored for specific age groups (3-5, 4-6, 5-8, 9-12, 13+, or family style) includes a series of fun-filled yoga postures, movement activities, games, stories, music, arts and crafts, journaling, mindful eating activities, and relaxation. Children are guided through a yoga experience - giving them tools for a balanced mind and body.


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Private Individual & Group Sessions

Private sessions are offered to children, adults, families, and groups. Sessions can include yoga, meditation, music, stories, mindfulness based activities, moving meditations, and more! Any session can be customized and modified to meet the specific needs of the individual or group.


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Kids Only Classes

Because we are a big fan of parent and child classes, we seldom offer kids only classes. Nevertheless, keep an eye out for when we do. Our kids classes are designed to engage and inspire kids to experience the magical world of music, movement, and mindfulness! Kids foster a sense of leadership and team spirit, which is really important for musicianship later in life, and life skills!