Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Concerning Online Interactive Virtual Classes

I'm concerned about screen time?


We understand your concerns, so we made sure to do the research for you. Here's what we found and know from experience.

The World Health Organization and American Academy of Pediatrics draws a distinct line between passive and active screen time (read more here). 

For example, "Research indicates that activities like Skyping or FaceTime — in which the baby communicates with a live human on the screen — can actually help babies learn."

Since our program involves live interaction between the teacher and classmates, children are able to continue learning while at home during this time of social distancing. 

We offer Drop-In options and Special Events that you can join to try an interactive virtual experience first before comitting to a full class series, as well. Click here to find a class.

I'm not sure my child will engage or stay focused?


As your teachers and guides, our focus is on engaging your child just as we would in class when we are together in house. The same principles apply when it comes to engagement with a few new tips. Please click here to read more on engaging your child, how to get set up on Zoom, and suggestions on participation. 

1. Why Children's Music Express?


What keeps parents and children coming back to Children's Music Express!?


  • Our fun, exciting and engaging flow of musical activities that include singing, dancing, creative movement, playing instruments, learning about taking big breaths, and so much more!

  • Each class series, we learn new music, and the kids get a NEW playlist of Mp3s of music to keep the learning fresh and fun! 

  • We bring each song to life with our voices, real instruments, and creative movement!

  • Our teachers are caring, talented, trained and skilled musical mindfulness educators! 

  • We are the only program to incorporate mindfulness based activities in a musical and fun way, which helps support social and emotional development.

  • Over all, children are developing musically, physically, socially, emotionally and academically in our classes! There's no other program like it! 

Don't take our word for it, check out our Facebook, Google, and Yelp Reviews! 

2. How do I schedule a make up class?


Make-up Classes are unlimited during the session you are currently enrolled. We suggest, if you can, to make up the classes so that your child gets their full music, movement and mindfulness experience. Click here to schedule your make-up class now.

3. How do I know if I got my first choice class?


If you did not enroll in a class that is full, then you most likely did get your first choice class. In rare instances, if your first choice class does not meet our enrollment requirements, you will be notified 4-7 days prior to the start of your class series to confirm that you have been placed in your 2nd class choice. If you are not able to attend your 2nd choice class, we will issue you your choice of a credit or refund. 

4. Is my baby too young to start music class? 

No. As a matter of fact, your baby's first music class was in the womb.. i.e. the rhythm of your heartbeat. 

Your baby will be soaking up many experiences with sound (developing pitch and listening skills), movement (Rhythm, timing coordination, which help with reading and math), visual cues (observing movements, counting, singing, expressions), social connections, exposure to various genres of music that is traditional, original and culturally diverse, and special bonding time with you. 


Since your child's brain and development is the most porous between the ages of birth-5, they will be taking in everything they are experiencing. A class that is rich in these areas mentioned above are very beneficial for your baby. Your baby will be forming a strong foundation to support them as they continue to grow and develop musically, physically, emotionally, and socially. 

They may not be able to participate as much physically yet, but they are learning and taking it all in. The earlier the exposure, the better too! Of course, we have suggestions and will guide and encourage you so that you can foster your baby’s musical journey and development. For example, do bounce lightly to the beat, or tap lightly on body parts. Dance, swing, and sway. Sing along!


Babies will respond with sounds, coos and oohs. With props and instruments, you can either have your baby hold onto your thumb, rest their hand on your hand, musical instrument or prop. This way they can feel you tap the drum and your movement. It is a great way to incorporate and infuse more physical activity into their experience. Sharing and bonding in this special way is invaluable and enriching.


I always say a baby's first exposure to music is the heartbeat in the womb. Technically, you're their first music teacher. :)

5. What happens in a Music, Movement & Mindfulness class?

Our music, movement and mindfulness classes are filled with fun and engaging activities! Each weekly, 45-minute class flows musically from beginning to end and incorporates various genres of original, traditional, and culturally diverse music. Children and parents learn in a playful, exploratory environment while being guided by one of our early childhood musical educators. In any given class, we will sing, dance, engage in finger plays, creative small and large movement activities, and play with a variety of instruments.

These experiences help foster your child's development musically and physically. Additionally, we sprinkle in musical mindfulness-based activities that help develop the emotional and social child. We believe in teaching and guiding the whole child. Music, movement and mindfulness-based activities support this process. 

Children will begin to develop:


  • Music Appreciation

  • Rhythm & Singing in Tune

  • Fine & Gross Motor 

  • Creative Expression, Thinking & Imagination

  • Spatial Awareness

  • Awareness of Self & Others

  • Listening & Communication

  • Speech & Language

  • Building Vocabulary & Memory

  • Reading, Writing & Math 

  • Successful Social Interaction

  • Emotional Resiliency

  • Parent & Child Bonding

  • Preparation for Private Music Lessons

6. Can I try a class?


Yes! Come play music with us and see what a Children's Music Express class is all about! It's easy to schedule your trial class online. Simply click here, and choose from our current list of available classes. Please note: Our trial class scheduler is not open the first week of a class series. Please check back in starting the second week of the class series. Thanks you! 

7. Do you offer drop in classes, or can I pay by the class?

Due to COVID-19, we do currently offer drop-in options in our interactive virtual online classes.


We do recommend attending the full series, as our class series are built around a curriculum and specific songs of the season and theme each session. Not attending regularly would limit the experience for families and children coming inconsistently and potentially affect the group dynamic for those who are attending consistently. 


Children and families are building a rapport with each other over the course of a class series so missing a lot is not recommended. The class is only 45-minutes, once a week, and make up classes are unlimited during the session you are enrolled. We encourage families who miss a class to make it up. That way they don't break the flow of consistency and what their child is learning each week. 


It is a worthy journey to commit to and a very enriching experience for such a short window of opportunity in early childhood. ;) 

8. Do you have a friend referral program?


Yes! Refer a friend who registers for a session and take $25.00 OFF your next session or birthday party. Please be sure to include your friend's name that you referred or who referred you, so we can apply the $25.00 Off! Your referral is our greatest compliment! Thank you! 


Please note: We love when you hear about Children's Music Express from several friends or when you share with several friends! 


If you referred a friend, please keep in mind, we only issue one referral per new family registration. Be sure to encourage your friend who you referred to mention your name on their registration form. If they send us a list of friends, we will pick the first one on their list. 


If a friend referred you, please keep in mind, we only offer one referral per new family registration, so let us know which friend you heard it from first? If you send us a list of friends, we will pick the first one on your list. 

9. When will I get my friend referral discount?


We issue friend referral codes the week before enrollment opens and not in between. A friend referral will not be issued in the form of a refund credit. If you referred friends who signed up after your enrollment, you will receive those codes before the next class series enrollment period. 

10. How many discounts can I apply at a time? 

Only 2 discounts at a time can be applied to a registration. That being said, if you referred several friends who signed up prior to our next friend referral discount dispersement period (see #9), you can apply several friend referral discounts as 1 of your total discounts applied. 

For example, Early Bird Discount + Friend Referral Discount (3 friends), but NOT Early Bird Discount + Friend Referral Discount + Military Discount, etc. 

11. Do you offer military families a discount?


Yes! We offer 20% off to military families. Please email us with your request, and we will email you your special military family discount code. Thank you!