Classes & Program Description


Music Monkeys® 

(Birth-4 years)


This is our signature class and is suitable for children, ages infant - 4. This program encourages learning in a family environment. Everyone is learning, and playing together. The activities are individualized and modified to accommodate the ages of the children in the group. Younger children learn, observe, and model what the older children are doing, and the older children learn by teaching and guiding the younger children.


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Music Lions™ 

(3-5 years)


Our Music Lions™ class is a sophisticated class for children, ages 3-5 years, and their caregivers. At this age, children tend to be more active and identify with their peers, make new friends, learn, and challenge each other. In addition, they are ready to do activities that are more advanced for a confident and courageous little lion.


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Baby & Me Music™ 

(Birth-5 months)


Music is a great way to connect, play, and communicate with your little one. This 45-minute class for mom and baby sets the foundation for a lifetime of musical, feel good memories. Bond through music and experience increased smiles, giggles, and happiness together! Learn and build your repertoire of songs and activities. While playing and having fun, the two of you will be gaining fundamental skills and concepts in music and movement, including working with the breath through conscious breathing. Embark on this musical adventure and leave feeling invigorated, yet calm and relaxed.


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Bhakti Kids Yoga & Music Fusion™

(3-6 years)


This is a family style class tailored to accommodate grown-ups and their little 3-6 year old yoginis and musicians. Families will experience and learn the magic of yoga and mindfulness through the wonderful world of music and movement. Imagine living as a yogi in a musical! We’ll learn songs, dances, movements, play instruments, yoga postures, breathing techniques, brain gym activities, read stories, and much more! Learn basic skills in music while developing strength and flexibility in mind and body.


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Music Program Description


Children’s Music Express® is about children expressing and cultivating their unique gifts and talents with confidence, ease, and joy! Parents and caregivers are an important part of this process. When our children learn and play in music and life together, they gain fundamental skills and concepts that foster their development. Together we provide a playful, loving, comfortable, and supportive environment for our children to explore and experience the extraordinary. Come jam with us!


All music, movement and mindfulness classes include various styles of music through sing-a-longs, chanting, large and small movement activities, dancing, marches, tonal and rhythm patterns, finger plays, instrument play, taking big breaths, and so much more. Embrace yourself for a fun, educational, and musical mindful experience. 


Each class is 45 minutes and includes a CD. For the first two years, there is a new CD for each session. Register Now!


There are many benefits that come from socially interactive music, movement and mindfulness experiences:


  • Music Appreciation

  • Rhythm & Singing in Tune

  • Fine & Gross Motor 

  • Mind & Body Connection

  • Creative Expression, Thinking & Imagination

  • Spatial Awareness (of self and others)

  • Listening & Communication

  • Speech & Language

  • Building Vocabulary & Memory

  • Reading, Writing & Math 

  • Successful Social Interaction

  • Emotional Resiliency

  • Parent & Child Bonding

  • Preparation for Private Music Lessons


Prancing Warriors™ 

(3-4 years)


Children in this age group are entering the magical years of fantasy and vivid imagination. We will embark on a Yoga Adventure to the Jungle, the Zoo, or wherever the little imaginations of our Prancing Warriors™ take us. The joy of this class is learning and experiencing yoga and mindfulness through the art of letting go and embracing the moment. This is a parent and child class.


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Power Warriors™ 

(5-6 years)


This group playfully dances between embracing the experience of being still and actively on the move. They are ready to take big leaps and bounds. As we go on our yoga adventures, our Power Warriors™ will take us beyond planet Earth and lands we have never been before. Like Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere,” and indeed it will in this class. Children will gain a sense of stability, present-moment awareness, spontaneous creativity, and the bountiful, beautiful breath of life.


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Yoga Program Description


Children’s Yoga Express™ is about children having the opportunity to freely express themselves while gaining skills in bringing awareness, calm, and flexibility to the mind and body.


All Yoga and Meditation Classes include a series of fun-filled yoga postures, cardio activity, games, stories, music, arts and crafts, journaling, mindful eating activities, and relaxation.


Children are guided through a yoga experience - giving them tools for a balanced mind and body. We provide props, art supplies, and snacks. Children will take home some props and finished art projects. Snacks are limited to Organic Dried Fruits, or a fresh Organic Apple and are used for the purpose of mindful eating activities. Snacks are not provided every week.


Learn fun and new ways to enjoy yoga in a caring and supportive environment, and experience the wonderful benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness based activities with your child:


  • Body & Mind Awareness

  • Physical Strength & Flexibility

  • Self Esteem & Confidence

  • Respect & Love for One’s Self and Others

  • Inner Peace, Happiness, and Joy

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

  • Increases Focus and Concentration


At times, we may combine our classes to open up the age range. This creates more of a community based, family style yoga class. Yoga is for everyone of all ages. Instructors are trained and experienced to modify and meet the needs of all particpants. Be open, receptive, and enjoy! ;) 

Music ★ Movement ★ Mindfulness

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